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Fraud Aware Issue 4


Welcome to another edition of Keoghs’ regular Fraud AWARE. Fraud Aware 4

In this issue we cover a variety of subjects including late notified claims, low speed impacts and healthcare-enabled fraud.

Fraser McAndry, director of credit hire fraud, contributes our latest fraud blog where he shines a light on CHOs and AMCs involved in fraudulent credit hire claims.

Partner, Ewen Gardiner, covers the subject of surveillance evidence - a common challenge for many claims handlers at present.

And finally, we touch on the different regimes used to find a claimant ‘fundamentally dishonest’. Knowing the difference between the regimes is crucial, as the costs consequences may surprise you!

Late Claims

AWARE 15/09/2015

Late Claims

The post-LASPO personal injury market has seen huge changes with the new claimant models needing more, not less, volume of claims to survive...