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Introducing our Care and Abuse team

Disease Aware Issue 7

The UK’s care and nursing sector has never been more under the media and public spotlight. There has been a demand for better monitoring, intervention and regulation which the Government continues to respond to.

The recent media coverage surrounding the industry is likely to lead to an increase in the number of claims and regulatory investigations against care providers. In these types of sensitive cases, you need expert legal advice from those who have experience in this area of law.

Much like a hospital or medical setting, accidents and unfortunate events are bound to happen within care homes. In many cases, however, such incidents are not related to any acts of negligence by the care provider.

Injuries often have the potential to turn into a liability case against the care provider, no matter the circumstances.

The outcome of a regulatory investigation often has a direct impact on any associated civil claim. Our approach ensures that cases are handled by lawyers with a specialism in this area, throughout all stages of the process.

Allegations of care home neglect often attract the attention of the media and can cause harm to a care home provider’s reputation.

Our expert team is one of only a handful of defendant firms that specialises in defending claims against care homes and other healthcare organisations.

Keoghs’ care team also works closely with leading experts and counsel who specialise in this sector.

We recognise that these cases can be costly for insurers to defend and will often require a number of experts in different disciplines.

We understand the importance of setting an early defence strategy and taking a pragmatic approach to litigation.

Keoghs’ care team brings a cross-disciplinary approach to the handling of allegations made against industry members and through anecdotal experience is able to advise on how serious issues might be avoided in the future. Our team have notable experience and provide specialist advice and support in relation to the following:

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