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Keoghs counter-fraud roundtable addresses key insurer concerns

News And Events06/02/2020

Keoghs counter-fraud team has hosted a valuable roundtable at the firm’s London office, with speakers and attendees considering three areas which are currently at the forefront of the fight against fraud.

Firstly, James Heath gave an update on the implementation of the new Portal and its operational processes, with delegates discussing how the fight against insurance fraud translates to the new platform. The discussion also revolved around best practice to ensure commerciality whilst still providing effective fraud detection and deterrence, combined with key watch areas for fraud.

This was followed by Damian Ward providing an analysis of non-GTA credit hire fraud with the room looking at in-depth strategy to combat the rise in credit hire fraud. Various tactics to fight this increasingly prevalent issue were analysed by attendees, who left the event with potential strategic opportunities in place to reduce fraud in this area.

Ruth Needham finished the session by taking a look at how to utilise fraud arguments within high value cases, with discussions based around the joined-up approach required by teams of investigators to ensure that fraud is recognised at an early stage in large loss cases. Case studies and the law were then analysed and those in attendance discussed their experience in this area, to ensure that all left the event with a deeper understanding of fraud tactics in cases involving complex injury.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team regarding any of the topics discussed at the roundtable, or register your interest for upcoming fraud events, contact the relevant partner via the links above, or email