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Blogs 14/07/2021

Smart Motorways: Where are we now?

The contentious issue of accidents on Smart Motorways continues to rumble on. In January, Natalie Dawes updated clients with the latest information after comments from Coroner, David Urpeth, brought the argument of the safety of Smart Motorways back to the media. Since then, a number of further reports and comments have been published over the last few months, which Craig Withington summarises before looking at the implications for claims arising from such accidents.

Blogs 01/04/2021

Escape from lockdown…but into a curfew for the over 70s?

As the nation braces itself for a much anticipated lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions, the irony cannot be overlooked that the Government is exploring a driver curfew for the over 70s! It was widely reported last weekend that proposals are being discussed for whether the over-70s could be eligible for “graduated driving licences” in the event of there being relevant health conditions.

Blogs 17/02/2021

Technology and Care: A Game Changer?

Press reports at the turn of year included fascinating technological developments that could prove a watershed in the provision and cost of care. With care costs so high, insurers should be paying close attention. Claire Quinn and Natalie Dawes take a look at new care technologies that could become part of normal routines.

Blogs 20/01/2021

Smart Motorway safety concerns

Acting Senior Coroner, David Urpeth made the national headlines this week with a vocal criticism of Smart Motorways which he felt had contributed to the deaths of two motorists in road traffic collision on the M1 in June 2019. He found “as a finding of fact, it is clear a lack of hard shoulder contributed to this tragedy."