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Client Alerts 07/09/2021

Government response to FRC Consultation

The Government has responded to the 2019 consultation paper ‘Extending Fixed Recoverable Costs in Civil Cases: Implementing Sir Rupert Jackson’s Proposals’. The Government consulted on the following proposals: 1. Extending FRC to all other civil cases in the fast track, up to a value of £25,000 in damages; 2. A new process and FRC for NIHL claims; 3. Expanding the fast track to include simpler ‘intermediate’ cases valued between £25,000–£100,000 in damages; and 4. The introduction of costs budgeting in ‘heavy’ JRs

Client Alerts 13/07/2021

First Central Management Limited v On Hire Limited

An order for Credit hire firm On Hire to pay 60% of First Central's costs was upheld on appeal, after the appeal judge agreed that proceedings had been brought for their financial benefit and that they were the ‘real party’. Partner Gary Herring details the case and highlights potential impacts for future cases.