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Client Alerts 09/04/2018

Platinum Salts and the Symptomless Injury

Dryden & Ors v Johnson Matthey Plc [2018] UKSC 18 The Supreme Court has decided that mere sensitisation to an allergen is an injury for which damages can be recovered. The reasoning employed to reach that view is difficult to follow. Because of this the full implications are unclear. The one certainty is that insurers can expect to face other claims for sensitisation – and the damages may not be modest.

Client Alerts 15/02/2016

Asbestos Lung Cancer – Where Next?

The Court of Appeal has handed down its judgment in Heneghan, covering asbestos lung cancer causation. The claimant’s appeal has failed with the Court accepting that once disease causation had been established by ‘doubling of risk’, each defendant must pay only according to their contribution to that risk.

Client Alerts 10/02/2015

The Definite Article

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has succeeded in challenging the Welsh Assembly’s attempt to make insurers pay NHS charges in asbestos cases.