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Blogs 12/01/2021

COVID-19 and prestige hires: Is like for like really an ‘entitlement’?

Whilst it is to be applauded that the majority of the industry on both sides have undoubtedly worked hard to establish and maintain a co-operative approach through the Covid crisis, amongst the minority there is no doubt that the last nine months have starkly amplified some of the kind of behaviours that embody the very worst excesses of the credit hire industry.

AWARE 08/12/2020

Credit Hire Aware | December 2020

The impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt in the credit hire market as the year draws to an end. Here we analyse the latest data to ascertain the extent of the inflation, and consider whether the provision of expensive high end vehicles is really an “entitlement” in the context of the lockdown restrictions. We give an update on the latest legal and case law developments from across the UK, then take a look ahead to what might be in store in 2021; including assessing the possible impact of Brexit on the credit hire market.

Client Alerts 10/11/2020

Impecuniosity and Credit Hire – Diriye v Bojaj

All too often responses for pleading impecuniosity are typically bland and unrevealing. A recent Court of Appeal ruling in Diriye v Bojaj may offer some clarity in terms of the expectations on a claimant when they pursue this route.