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Client Alerts 28/10/2021

What’s driving motor claims inflation?

With average motor premiums falling around 10% in the last three years, you’d be forgiven for not giving reports of increasing claims inflation much notice. However, with the motor insurance market being so competitive and a history of incredibly narrow profit margins, those in the industry will be taking great notice of the steadily rising averages of motor claims costs.  

Client Alerts 27/10/2021

AD v Haven Insurance Company Limited

The case of AD v Haven Insurance was just one of several Keoghs handled on behalf of our clients which relied heavily on the evidence of the same expert. Our decision to highlight unusual patterns, which led to replacement evidence from another expert paid dividends when this claim, worth over £160,000, was found to be fundamentally dishonest. Matt Ruck provides some background to the case and sets out more details as to how our fraud team secured this great outcome for our client.

Client Alerts 26/10/2021

ASHE update released

The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) has today been published by the ONS.  This is of course only a day after the Chancellor announced a 6.6% increase to the minimum wage from April 2022 which will certainly have an impact on the care rates being charged next year.

Client Alerts 15/10/2021

GHR & FRC: Implications for Credit Hire

What impact will the changes to guideline hourly rates and the Government's recent announcement on the extension of fixed recoverable costs have on the credit hire market? Our in-house analysis suggests an increase in third party costs liability of between 5-8%.

Client Alerts 12/10/2021

The Reversal of Vnuk

The Motor Vehicles (Compulsory Insurance) Bill is proceeding to its second reading this month. Partner Jamie McCabe summarises the current position on compulsory insurance and how this will change in the near future.